About us



Today IMS GIOTTO S.P.A. concentrates its activity on R&D, Production and Quality Control. These efforts let us provide to Patients and Radiologists the most advanced breast imaging technology, giving them the best clinical results for breast cancer detection.


What IMS Designs:

  • Electronic components
  • Mechanical components
  • Software
  • All software used in Giotto units is the exclusive property of IMS

What IMS does: assembles Giotto systems following the most international Standards for Mammography, Brest biopsy and recently DBT.


Quality controls follow the most strict international rules:

  • Experience and innovation

  • Perfect image quality

  • Easy and fast workflow

  • Early detection of breast cancer

Almost 50 years in x-ray imaging and more than 20 years exclusively dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer is the background out of which Giotto products have been developed. We have spent years working together with radiologists and radiographers to improve image quality, simplify procedures; thus, giving breast health professionals the right tools to successfully achieve their goals. Early detection of breast cancer is now achievable and this modern tools make your work easier and safer.


IMS introduced the first digital Full Field Digital Mammography unit Made in Europe in 2003! And the Giotto family grew: 18x24 cm detector, 24x30 cm detector, Full Field Digital Biopsy, and Low Dose mammography using Tungsten anode tube.

With the GIOTTO IMAGE 3DL, IMS is proud to introduce an outstanding mammography unit which combines the Giotto traditional ring shaped gantry for better access to the breast with Selenium2 detector, the most advanced generation of Amorphous Selenium detector.

The GIOTTO IMAGE 3DL, combined with the MammoBed unit, is the only 2-in-1system for mammography and prone biopsy using the same detector!


In 2007 IMS began to investigate Tomosynthesis technology and in 2011 IMS launched Giotto Tomo: the DBT unit made by IMS!

In 2013 IMS was the first company to explore the technological approach of using the Step and Shoot Scan, variable angle , and variable dose . Giotto Tomo was optimized to provide excellent image quality with a low dose!


In 2015, the aim is to create a Mammo / Tomo / Biopsy unit unique in the world and well protected by international patents, with the launch of the Giotto Class.

In 2016, a new model has been added to the CLASS systems portfolio, with the same qualitative and design features but with a compact design. .


Millions of women all over the world have been examined using the Giotto technology conceived, designed and created in IMS R&D laboratories. We are fully dedicated to the task of early detection of breast cancer.  Excellent image quality, patient comfort, continuous technological advancement, along with attention to requirements of radiologists and radiographers are some of the factors that have brought about the success of these amazing products.


The daily fight for early detection of breast cancer is a must: it requires a combination of excellent resolution and optimal contrast to visualize the fine details that must be seen. GIOTTO units provide the best quality achievable in the world market today by utilizing the most advanced components and superior software developed by IMS.




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