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The cyclical and structural changes that are features of the new competitive environment place the company in a position to face the following challenges: updating strategy with new and successful ideas to address markets in a state of change, directing and controlling operational performance in a manner consistent with the strategic objectives to be pursued and bringing the organisation and managers’ commitment into line with the strategy defined by top management.


Lean Production


Improves and makes everything run smoothly that is of value to the customer and focuses on eliminating everything and every situation that is of no value to the customer. In the area of responsibility for management and flow of the value stream, there are three macro areas, focus and control for:

  • Supply Chain Area
  • Lean Production Area
  • Logistics Area

The concepts of Lean Thinking and Lean Production are applied in these three areas:

It is a new approach to manufacturing, but especially one of thinking and of seeing everyday activities in a different way. Doing the same things in a different way is a philosophy, a passion, an incentive to be shared, a continuous search for improvement and a strong determination to go forward.

In other words, it is a Philosophy, a Vision, a Way of Working and a Strategy.
It is worthwhile and achievable only with constant and painstaking work on eliminating “MUDA” (waste).


Quality, value, customer satisfaction and elimination of waste are achieved “only” through a cultural process of standardisation and robust but open dialogue between the parties involved in Team Work.

We have strengthened the concept of working in “ONE-PIECE-FLOW” and right first time. 


Lean Thinking, which is supported and introduced into the manufacturing areas with Work Teams, takes its cue from the customers with meticulous attention to them and the value they give to:

Let us NEVER stop,
but always try to work out what the first step for us could be and do it to the best of our ability



The three rules that mark this mission out are:
  • Investigation (Analysis)
  • Planning (Blueprint)
  • Action (Climb the Ladder)
The new strategy aiming for “Value” lies in the elements of value to the customer, supported and delivered with leading-edge technology.
The new Value strategy is:
VALUE  →  EXCELLENCE for the customer




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