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“Quality management as a distinguishing factor and expertise that is essential for our company.”

This description represents the reality that drives the whole day-to-day organization of IMS GIOTTO, not management resulting from or imposed by regulatory procedures (we comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards) but a voluntary quest for the most effective method of manufacture, focused on continuous improvement.


It is a highly disciplined approach that involves aspects of Lean Manufacturing, of strengthening individual professionalism, of purchasing raw materials and quality components and of processes that are rigorously checked and tested. 



The IMS GIOTTO S.P.A. principles of quality



Each stage of manufacture is carried out in-house in accordance with specific procedures and in dedicated areas.  Daily checks identify any process irregularities to prevent errors and ensure that the requirements of the relevant standards are implemented and maintained.


Simultaneous processes

Orders are processed using Lean Manufacturing management programmes.  Planning and management by dedicated professionals ensure the stability of the sequences and processes, while rates of output, based exclusively on in-house personnel, are balanced and respectful of people’s capabilities.  
The simultaneous processes involve outsourced work, logistics, manufacturing, suppliers and storage.  External suppliers are periodically assessed against specifications and checked at set intervals for an audit of quality indices.


Plant efficiency and calibration of instruments

The efficiency of equipment used in the manufacturing stages and the reliability and accuracy of instruments used for testing units being dispatched, are of primary importance for quality management.  Our trained specialist technicians work to keep the equipment operating efficiently in order to reduce downtime or control system failures.


Error prevention and elimination of waste

All employees are committed to “Quality and accuracy”.  The objective to be achieved is to provide products that are flawless, of high added value and excellent.  In this context, great importance is given to the prevention of risks for employees and errors in manufacturing, thanks to the contribution and involvement of each member of professional or support staff.


Training, refresher courses and development

The company constantly commits energy and resources to providing knowledge, testing new techniques and developing skills in order to maintain high professional standards (training processes to increase the added value of each individual).


Research and development

Research and development is another essential tool in the development
and innovation of our products, a much aimed-for benefit, involving a group of in-house research staff working closely with university departments, other researchers and hospital clinics.


The ultimate aim of IMS GIOTTO Quality is to provide customers with a mammography system that is proportionate in cost / profit ratio, that fully meets the customer's expectations and that is reliable in its function of identifying abnormalities in the breast. 









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