Giotto Image 3DL



Convenient and effective

  • Ergonomic design for patients and technologists

  • Innovative in technology, innovative in design

  • Optimum image quality

The motorized movements of GIOTTO IMAGEL with isocentric height control and the preset customizable automatic sequences of views speedup your examination.

Working with GIOTTO IMAGEL is fast and easy. It fully meets the demands of busy mammography departments with high patient throughputs, such as screening units. Four control panels placed in strategic locations on the unit make it possible to control manual and automatic movements from any position.

Positioning with GIOTTO IMAGEL is more comfortable and more flexible than positioning with any other mammography unit. You can use the conventional mode, positioning the patient from the side. or the face-to-face positioning: you might find it faster and more effective. Use one or the other depending on the patient’s anatomy: the aim is to optimize quickly and efficiently the quality of the result.


Conventional position

Face to face position

Ideal for disabile


The human body is 3D and so is GIOTTO movements! The circle gantry provides the most achievable flexibility in suiting any woman´s anatomy. Women in wheelchairs take advantage of this unique characteristic: Giotto inclines towards the patient for easier exam positioning.



Up to 2 cm more tissue!



The inclined gantry of GIOTTO IMAGEL means more comfort for the patient as they lean into the bucky. This position allows the pectoral muscle to be relaxed and up to 2 cm more breast tissue can be compressed and visualized, allowing more breast tissue to be visualized for diagnosis.

GIOTTO IMAGEL is not provided with handles. Gripping on handles causes pectoral muscle contraction which in turn causes breast retraction: gravity reduces this effect.


GIOTTO IMAGEL comes with SCS (Sensitive Compression System) to decrease patient discomfort during breast compression. The computer selects the compression speed sensing the density of the breast.




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