Biopsy with patients in all positions

Stereotactic biopsy in prone position



Expand your diagnostic

The only one system for mammography and prone biopsy using the same detector. 2-in-1 system!


BIOPSY DIGIT is a high precision automatic, motorized stereotactic biopsy system designed for prone and upright biopsy.


The system has been designed as ideal complement of the Digital mammography unit Giotto IMAGE and GIOTTO TOMO series.



The conversion to prone unit is quick and easy. The stereotactic device “Biopsy Digit” simply slides in replacing the bucky. With a gentle movement the gantry tilts up to the horizontal position.


From mammography to prone biopsy
- never be so easy -


It is easy for the patient to get on the Mammobed: with a lower height of only 74 cm there is no need for additional steps. Push-buttons placed on both sides of the Mammobed allow it to raise to the desired height.


Thanks to the four wheels, the Mammobed can be quickly positioned and the breast centered using the floating table top. Once positioned and the brakes applied all the movements will be provided and you can start the stereotactic biopsy procedure safely.





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