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Stereotactic and prone biopsy



Better lesion access

  • Lateral arm and angled targeting provides superior chest wall 360° access

  • Same Selenium detector for prone biopsy and Mammography imaging

Giotto Image + Stereotactic Biopsy = versatility:

  • 360° access results in no repositioning of patient and quicker set-up
  • Ability to choose the best possible approach to the breast using the dedicated gun-holders: frontal, frontal inclined and lateral guarantees that no area of the breast is inaccessible with the Biopsy Digit;
  • Angled targeting provides superior chest wall access allowing biopsy of essentially all lesions.
  • Lateral arm enables targeting of thinly compressed breasts, lesions close to the nipple and superficial lesions. It makes wire localization simple.
  • Targeting using scout (0°) view combined with angled targeting allows easy target verification and lesion visualization even when needle is in place.


Prone biopsy


Biopsy with lateral holder: 360° access to the breast




The Raffaello Biopsy software calculates the exact target position based on to the configured needle-holder the needle characteristics and the double X-Y inclination of the needle holder.



Prone Biopsy is by far the preferred stereotactic breast biopsy modality of radiologists all over the world. There are unquestionable advantages for the patient and for the user, and above all, for the quality of the diagnostic result. Giotto Image allows a 360° access around the breast, enabling the radiologist to choose the shortest way to the lesion.


But the real advantage of the GIOTTO IMAGE 3D combined with the biopsy system is the guarantee the lesion visualized during the mammography exam will also be visible during the biopsy. Same detector and same geometry is adopted for both Mammography and prone Biopsy examinations solving a well-known problems to recognize the same lesionin two different images.





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