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Safe procedures

  • Upright, prone, and lateral decubitus biopsy: greatest patient access and increased comfort

  • Biopsy Digit: the most precise stereotactic tool

  • Raffaello Biopsy drives you safely toward the optimum result

GIOTTO IMAGE 3D the most versatile tool: you are free to choose the best biopsy positioning for each patient and case. Only GIOTTO IMAGE 3D gives you the freedom to choose the biopsy procedure you select for any specific case. Prone, upright or lateral decubitus: there is no limit to the versatility of the Giotto Image.


Using the GIOTTO IMAGE 3D you can position a breast marker with the patient in any chosen position.


Biopsy Digit is compatible with all kinds of commercially available biopsy devices: all brands of VABBs and also fine needle aspiration (FNA) for cytology.


Biopsy Digit, the stereotactic device equipping GIOTTO IMAGE 3D, is the most precise system available on the market;the maximum deviation from the target does not exceed 0.5 mm. It is fully automatic, computer driven, motorized in X, Y and Z axis and is provided with a remote control for fine manual movements The flat table top, in case of prone biopsy, with less neck, shoulder and lower back strain provides superior patient comfort.


The graphic interface, Raffaello Biopsy, is sophisticated and a user friendly software assists the radiologist safely step-by-step to a successful result. Raffaello Biopsy is an error proof software, it allows an unlimited marking modality, mark on scout, and the original “Virtual Needle Positioning”. This useful tool enables the radiologist to decide whether to modify the access to the breast or the type and length of the needle without moving the patient. This is an extremely valuable time-saving tool.







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