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Paris- Dec 2012. Done the first Giotto Tomo installation

IMS is proud to announce the first Giotto Tomosynthesis installation in Paris-Neuilly Sur Seine (France). Giotto Tomo has been Installed by IMS FRANCE, the IMS branch located in Paris, in September at the Hartmann breast Institute Imaging Department, member of RPO-Radiologie Paris Ouest in Neuilly-sur-Seine. RPO is one of the most reputable center for radiology service in Paris. A qualified group of experts radiologists are heading many clinical fields, Dr Luc Rotenberg is the breast imaging expert of RPO.
Clinique Hartmann is well-known for its oncologic services, specially in breast cancer. Equipped with the most advanced X-ray equipments, tomosynthesis is now the cutting edge of breast cancer detection technology. This new installation expands the range of personalized radiology services delivered to the patients. Giotto Tomo supports the RPO team in early detection of breast lesions specially in critical cases, like high risk patients and follow up situation with previous breast treatment history.
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