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Stuttgart - Dec 2012. First Giotto Tomosynthesis System in Germany

IMS and Eckert Roentgen Company (web: are proud to announce the first Giotto Tomo Installation in Germany.

The Giotto Tomo has been installed by Eckert Roentgen Company in the Radiology Department of the Karl Olga Hospital Stuttgart. Tomosynthesis is now the cutting edge of breast cancer detection technology, this new installation expands the range of personalized radiology services delivered to the patients. Giotto Tomo supports the team in early detection of breast lesions specially in critical cases, like patients with risk of recurrence and with previous surgical history.

Dr. Axel Helwig, Director of Radiology, Breast and Imaging Center. With more than 15,000 mammograms performed and over 200 biopsies a year, he has unusually large experience in the field of imaging and interventional diagnosis of breast. In addition to an ultra-modern digital mammography Giotto 3DL all options are targeted, preoperative (microsurgery) tissue sample. This can be controlled either with ultrasound, CT or MRI. Naturally vacuum biopsies are performed. In addition, all imaging studies from all disciplines are offered. To this end the Department of Radiology all diagnostic options (plain radiography, CT, MRI, ultrasound) are available. Dr. Helwig is the program responsible for the radiologist "Mammography screening Stuttgart / Esslingen".
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