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INTERVIEW with Dr. Luc Rotenberg, GIOTTO TOMO user


If the quality of its Oncology Centre of Excellence is regularly emphasized, Clinique Hartmann (Hauts-de-Seine) - the leading private centre for the battle against cancer, situated in Île-de-France - owes its fame above all to its “Institut du Sein”, a multidisciplinary centre which accounts for nearly 80% of its activity. In this regard, it has recently bought Giotto Tomo, a latest-generation mammography unit with tomosynthesis, designed by the company IMS. The reasons are explained by Dr. Luc Rotenberg, a specialist breast radiologist and member of SOFMIS*.

Why did Clinique Hartmann opt for breast tomosynthesis?

Because, despite being only at the beginning, tomosynthesis already appears like a technique of the future! It thus seemed appropriate to us that our patients be able to benefit from it right away. Breast tomosynthesis represents major progress compared to 2D digital mammography – progress comparable to the advent of scanners in the field of classic radiology: in cases where the volumetric overlapping of images acquired through traditional (2D) mammography prevents us from detecting certain types of cancer (above all in dense breast tissue) or creates false positives, mammography with tomosynthesis is based on acquiring a series of millimetric slices in order to study the global breast volume in 3 dimensions, thus reducing the risks of overlaps or false positives. Moreover, its sensitivity enables a better specificity of the images, thus considerably improving the tumour detection rate.

Why was the Giotto Tomo mammography unit designed by IMS chosen in particular?

Besides the great quality of Giotto Tomo – an excellent digital mammography unit all around featuring a particularly successful 3D technology - IMS is to date the only European manufacturer that has succeeded in placing a mammography unit with tomosynthesis on the market. A tour de force for this medium-sized company, whose main activity, exclusively dedicated to the breast care, certainly enabled it to anticipate this technological evolution. This is the reason why Clinique Hartmann, likewise strongly breast specialized, wanted to commit to a lasting partnership with IMS so that we could turn our respective competences to good account and together imagine the future developments. For example, though tomosynthesis is today essentially used for diagnostic purposes, it will shortly be used on a surgical level as well, that is, to perform biopsies – IMS is actively working on it. Moreover, while the Giotto Tomo today makes it possible to acquire 2D or 3D images according to necessity, in February 2013 IMS will place a combined technique on the market which will enable simultaneous acquisition of both 2D and 3D images. All of our patients could thus benefit from this innovative technology, whose immense potential for development is particularly promising.

* Société Française de Mastologie et d’Imagerie du Sein





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